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iconitron's Journal

For all the icon addicts
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Welcome one and all to Iconitron. Not only a place to get icons, but colour bars, headers, custom community banners, and other request(when they are being taken). We have a wide variety of icons from marvel, various old and recent celebrities, music, movies, and various funny icons. As of right now posting access is for only me and my sister. If you want to post your icons please email the application below to me and the mods will decide to give you posting access. So read the rules and join the fun.

1. Please Comment and Credit on everything you take from this community. Respect the time and effort people have taken on making these graphics.
2. Be polite and please give constructive critisicm when you see fit.
3. Be nice to everyone in the community, no swearing and insulting of any kind. (this is a G rated community).
4. Do not steal or claim graphics as your own work. People work very hard and deserve the proper recognition.

Lush BrushesandFaithless

Marvel/DC Images:Comic Candy,Marvel.com,Greg Horn, Scans Daily
Hockey pictures: TSN,The Hockey News,Sportsnet
Fonts: Dafont.com
Screen Caps: Cap It!

If you aren't being credited please let me know and e-mail me, we aren't perfect and we want to properly credit you :)!

****IF YOU WOULD LIKE POSTING ACCESS***YOU DO NOT NEED TO APPLY TO JOIN***Please e-mail me,with this application so we can get and idea of your work.

JACKIE(mod): e-mail,,My Journal,My Space
CHRI(mod):My Journal,My Space

None right now. Contact us to be one :).